Whole Enchilada EnduroThe Whole Enchilada Enduro and Mountain Bike Grand Fondo

Moab, Utah

Please note that this event is under permit review by both the Moab BLM and USFS, When we have final approval and a date we will announce via social media as to the openiny day of on line registration. we will also announce the date, but plan on the 2018 version being in early to late september!

Yes, You read that title right! In addition to the Whole Enchilada Enduro (WEE) we are addition a Grand Fondo format for those really hard core folks who want to ride it from town all the way up to Gyser and Burro Pass, down the traditional Whole Enchilada Trail and back into town. This will of course have 4 to 5 fully stocked aid stations along the route each with a cut off time associated with and a shuttled ride back to town if necessary. The Whole Enchilada Enduro will also see some changes from years past including but not limited to new stages and a blind stage or two!