Monarch Crest Enduro 

Monarch Crest Enduro LogoSalida, Colorado

Of special note, due to new trails being used for the 2018 version we are awaiting a final approval from the U.S.F.S. this will not happen until after the new year. So will make a few social media posts and give everyone a 10 day heads up as to the day we will open on line registration! ALSO if you are planning on doing this event in 2018, start training now, it is going to require a great deal of fitness and bike handling skills in the 2018 version!

This iconic event has run its course, and it is molting into a much more beautiful event for 2018. By beautiful, we mean BIGGER, HARDER and STRONGER, as in you better be stronger cuz... The 2018 version has seven stages in three days, with three / four of them being raced blind! In addition we are moving the event date earlier in September!! Also new for 2018 we are offering the working man's / woman’s entry fee, in addition to the regular entry fee ,w which includes events specific socks and short sleeve riding jersey, T- shirt, three Breakfast Burritos, with coffee, four buffet style dinner, five shuttles and a lot of BACON, Whiskey and Beer!